2018 Sep, UPM Digital Archive

CAMPO BAEZA, 534 references, 112.530 downloads and 86.901 visits in the UPM Digital Archive

On consulting the UPM Digital Archive in relation to the academic work of the architect Professor Alberto Campo Baeza, who is currently ETSAM Emeritus Professor at the UPM, we find 534 references, 112,530 downloads and 86,901 visits.

The UPM Digital Archive houses in digital format the academic and scientific documentation (theses, books, articles, etc.) generated at the institution and makes them accessible through the internet, within the framework of the Budapest Open Access Initiative and the Berlin Declaration, to which the Polytechnic University of Madrid is a signatory.

The UPM Digital Archive documents can be accessed via reputable search engines such as Google, Google Academics, Yahoo or Scirus and via OAI recognized harvesters such as E-science, DRRD, the Recolecta platform (REBIUN-FECYT), Driver or Oaister.

The Archive contains long lists of all UPM teachers, indicating the number of references to their work in the media, books and magazines. In general, the numbers are relatively low, which further highlights the large number of references, downloads and visits to the documents relating to Professor Campo Baeza.

The UPM Digital Archive is an open repository that can be freely consulted by the public.