2023 Magazzino II – The Robert Olnick Pavilion, NY

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We want to make a very simple and sober building and at the same time very beautiful, the most beautiful in the world. We understand that this new building should complete and complement the main building of the MagaZZino.

From the road, you can see one of the long white facades of the current building, now with some trees in front of it.

I think that being on the edge of the road, we should take advantage of this situation, and make the MagaZZino appear as a visual reference, visible in the area. Make it easy to find, rather than trying to hide it. Make it a landmark in the Cold Spring landscape.

If we follow the alignment of the white façade of the current building, parallel to the road, we could make the new linear building follow the same line of the current façade. This continuous image would give great strength and clarity to our MagaZZino from the road.

The new car park should be at the back, at the back right, at the same ground level as the current one. This would avoid all kinds of topographical problems. The two car parks would be connected at the front, as shown on the attached plans.

The layout of the new building could be similar to the last proposed solution.

On the ground floor, in the centre, very transparent, the entrance, the shop and the cafeteria. On one side the special double-height hall. On the other side the normal room for temporary exhibitions.

Upstairs, the Murano glass room.

On the semi-basement floor, the conference room and the other requested uses.

I think the solution is very simple and very logical and can be very, very beautiful.

Technical data

Architect: Alberto Campo Baeza with Miguel Quismondo. Location: Cold Spring, NY. Client: Nancy Olnick and Giorgio Spanu. Project: 2019. Collaborators: Jacobo Mingorance, Juan Carlos Bragado, Alejandro Cervilla García, Ignacio Aguirre López, Alfonso Guajardo-Fajardo Cruz, María Pérez de Camino Díez, David Vera García, Sara Fernández Trucios, Tommaso Campiotti, Luca Redaelli. Kitchen consultant: Chef Luca Galli.





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