Palinsesto Architettonico

Portada Palinsesto Architettonico
Palinsesto Architettonico
Lettera Ventidue
Syracuse, April 2022
1st edition, Italian
ISBN: 9788862426169
128 pages
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Making architecture means putting the project process at the center. The architect transforms the physical space according to a pedagogical model in which the “knowledge” of innovation and tradition are combined.

A “Renaissance” approach that develops the relationship between technique and culture, that interprets knowledge and that never renounces the poetic dimension. A model that, if detached from the project as research, as a unitary approach based on utilitas, firmitas and venustas, risks being pure technological experimentation.

Making architecture is research, building paths, elaborating and developing ideas. The beauty of architecture is not a mathematical demonstration, but the interweaving of deep knowledge of the craft and art of building. A work of architecture is not pure creation, but rather a construction where the virtues of the methodological process and the tendency to continuously research beyond the work itself are preserved.

Like Aeneas, Alberto takes on history and the future without taking refuge in what he already knows. He joins the stories, the masters, in a single process of modification to avoid that false illusions may lead to think that they can, by themselves, invent the future.

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