2013 Cala House, Madrid

2+2+2 is much more than just 6

The house is located on a sloping plot with a landscape of distant horizon none other than Madrid’s western mountain range. At ground level it doesn’t appear to be anything special, but as we go up we feast our eyes on a panoramic view of the urban landscape of the east of Madrid. Logically the more public parts of the house will be at the upper levels to frame and enjoy the stunning views. We are required to work with a square ground plan of 12×12 m that is divided into four 6×6 m squares. Following this pattern, the ground planes are raised, square by square, with a simple helicoidal movement. The spaces are of double height and intersect with one another producing diagonally which is also helicoidal. The result very well explains the proposal we set out with, namely that 2+2+2 is more than just 6.

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