2003 Apr, Exhibition at Chicago’s Crown Hall

An exhibition of the work of Spanish architect Alberto Campo Baeza opens on April 3rd, at Chicago’s Crown Hall, the main building of the IlT School of Architecture.

Campo Baeza is full professor at the Madrid School of Architecture, teaching Design & Projects since 1986 and is one of Spain’s most internationally recognized architects.  He designed the Caja General de Ahorros in Granada (the Granada Savings Bank), an impressive “impluvium of light” that has already received numerous awards.  He is currently completing the headquarters of the publishing firm Editorial SM in Madrid: a radical stainless steel box full of light.

He has taught at many foreign universities, in Zurich, Lausanne, Naples, Dublin, Philadelphia and the Bauhaus of Weimar among others.  On the occasion of this exhibition, he will give classes at IlT- Chicago.

Three of the architect’s most recent works, the De Blas House in Madrid, the Caja General de Ahorros in Granada and the project for the new Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart are featured in this show.  A review of his other works is also presented and includes the extraordinary Tower for Telefónica, in Madrid, with a model nearly four meters tall.

The exhibition’s title “Light is More” alludes to Mies van der Rohe’ s motto “less is more” and seeks to reflect the importance of light in Campo Baeza’s work.

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