2020 Oct, New book, Rewriting about architecture

Libro Rewriting about architecture
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REWRITING about ARCHITECTURE, is the title of my last book published in English just now, on 2020.

Rewriting is like perfecting a poem, where each finely tuned stanza and word can tell us much more and sound much clearer. Like tuning a musical instrument, which, while remaining the same, acquires the ability to sound much better after tuning.

I initially had doubts about taking the decision to rewrite my texts, thinking how complicated the whole process would be. But I must confess that, to my surprise, quite the opposite has occurred. Tidying and fine-tuning my texts by rewriting them has turned out to be a most enjoyable experience, an unexpected gift.

This collection of texts will be the argument for the classes that professor Campo Baeza will impart on the 2021 spring semester.