2022 May, More than 8,500,000 visits

More than 8.500.000
Eight and a half million visits to my WEB
May 2022

Sometimes the numbers sing.

How can more than 8,5 million visits to my website not sing for us?

How can the 50,900 followers on my Instagram account, with so little time since I signed up for it, not sing to me?

How will the over 3 million views on my Flickr account not sing to me?

How are they not going to sing to me the more than 677 references in the UPM Digital Archive, my University, which is the highest number of references in that medium of any professor of that public university, the UPM?

Analytics is the tool that gives us in an accurate and timely manner the number of visits that a website has.

And in this month of May 2022, Analytics gives us the data that my website has exceeded 8,5 million visits.

It is not easy for me to digest these millionaire amounts because my head is formed in other coordinates. And even less to know that we reached 8 million visits only 6 months ago, which means that my website has more than 100,000 visits per month. It’s something that escapes my mind.

I can only give thanks to God and to so many people who show their interest in my architecture and in me. And it leads me, once again, to make a deep reflection on the responsibility that is on my shoulders. It has to do, and a lot, with my vocation as a teacher. At 75 years of age, until recently, I have been teaching at NYIT in New York, two days a week, three hours each day, in English. A gift, exhausting, but a gift.

And all this leads me to a maximum self-demanding, to try to continue making an Architecture by the hand of Reason, looking for the Beauty rooted in Truth. As Plato proposed so long ago: Beauty as the radiance of Truth.

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