2022 November, Alberto Campo Baeza participates in El Toro TV‘s “Mirar la arquitectura” program

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It is more than interesting to talk about Architecture, to talk about looking at Architecture to people who are not architects.
Of course, everyone understands immediately that the scenery of their lives is pure Architecture, that they cannot, we cannot escape from Architecture. That is why it is good to reflect on this subject, to enjoy more of what surrounds us.
Architects make Architecture to make people happy, not just to show off. We architects think that ours is the most beautiful job in the world: to dream and to make those dreams come true, to build them.
An architect who did architecture only for his own pleasure would be wrong. An artist, a painter, a musician, a poet can be whimsical because they are not dangerous. An outlandish painting, or a crazy musical composition or a rabid poem, are not dangerous, they do not harm anyone. But a bizarre or crazy or rabid architecture makes no sense: it would cost much more and would disturb the normal life of the people who live there.
I have decided instead of presenting a single work, a Bank, the headquarters of Caja Granada in Granada, to present four houses that are 4 houses, 4 IDEAS, so that non-architects can enjoy. The house IDEA L. The house is a universal theme.
4 houses that are one house.
CUBE. The Turégano house, the cube house, is the intersection of two double height spaces, constituting a diagonal space. With the light coming from the high windows, everything seems much bigger. DIAGONAL space.
HORTUS CONCLUSUS. The Gaspar house reflects the typology of the Andalusian country house, which in the end is the Roman house. Between two courtyards, one for reception and the other, at the back, for service. The transparency and continuity of the outside-inside is made through the 4 simple windows, holes, in the 4 corners. HORIZONTAL space.
BELVEDERE. The De Blas house translates the ideas of Semper and Frampton of the tectonic light box, the glass urn, placed on the heavy stereotomic podium, made of concrete. BELVEDERE.
FEARS. The House of Infinity, a radical no more, proposes a pier, a platform facing the infinite sea. For this purpose, a podium is built against the land. In Roman travertine because the Romans, the emperor Augustus before he was emperor, were there. FEARS.

In this Looking at Architecture that is proposed to us, we will go through the chapters corresponding to the Idea, the Place, the Construction, the Economy, the Structure and the Materials.
The documents we will present include sketches, plans, models and images of these houses.
We would like that when you build a house, you choose the best architect in the world. And if he is young, all the better.


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