2023 january, more than 9,000,000 visits



Alberto Campo Baeza has always said that he is lucky to be surrounded by people better than him, that he is lucky to always go “on the shoulders of giants”, as Newton said.

And if he is asked about his website, his web page www.campobaeza.com , he always replies that the fact that it is going so well is not his fault but that it is the fault of his collaborators, who are the ones who have done everything so well and who are better than him.

The website was started and designed by Emilio Delgado, and then taken over and converted to FLASH by Peter Palender. Later the page was redesigned by the best graphic designer in the world, Massimo Vignelli in New York. And then Alejandro Sevilla rewrote it in HTML5. Currently, in Campo Baeza Studio, it is run by Alfonso Guajardo.

Well, this website has just surpassed 9,000,000, nine million visits to its pages. These are dizzying figures that the head does not easily assimilate. Not long ago, Campo Baeza’s studio celebrated more than 3 million visits to its FLICKR. And along the same lines, they also celebrated the almost 700 references in the UPM Digital Archive.

Campo Baeza says that he continues to be surprised by the enormous capacity for dissemination of computer media. And that he can only give THANKS. Thanks to God and to all the great people around him, better than him as he says.


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