Houses of Alberto Campo Baeza 1974-2014
Archicreation Publishing
China, 2014
ISBN: 1004-8537

Monographic in China dedicated to Prof. Campo Baeza work

Archicreation, one of the most prestigious publications in China, dedicates a monograph to the houses of the Spanish architect and UPM professor Alberto Campo Baeza.

Now available in bookstores is the monograph dedicated to the houses of the Spanish architect Alberto Campo Baeza. Campo Baeza is one of the most renowned Spanish architects in the international arena. Without being a Superstar, his works, described as profound, intense and radical, are analysed in many schools of architecture around the world.

Archicreation is one of the most prestigious publications of its kind in China. Set up under the auspices of the Beijing Institute of Architectural Design, it enjoys an excellent distribution network worldwide.

The publication of this special edition comprising over 300 pages on Campo Baeza, in Chinese and in English, clearly signals the interest oriental teaching centres have in European architects, although Campo Baeza had already given lectures in China some years ago.

Moreover this monograph is extensive, very complete and includes, with a front-cover image, the House of the Infinite in Zahara-Cadiz with especially interesting documentation. The journal also includes some of his latest theoretical texts.