2015 Louvre Lievin

Conservation and storage facility for the Louvre Museum in Liévin

ROGERS STIRK HARBOUR will built the Conservation and Storage Facility for the Louvre Museum in Liévin after an ex aequo first prize with Alberto CAMPO BAEZA + Raphaël GABRION.

Le bateau îvre: the building of Campo Baeza and Gabrion.

The building of Campo Baeza and Gabrion appears on the landscape like a great ship, very horizontal and dark, conjuring up the idea of a fortress capable of securely guarding those treasures. The motto with which they won the competition was le bateau ivre (the drunken boat), echoing the title of the well-known Rimbaud poem as well as the precision of its poetic ABAB rhythm. A large, dark podium housing all the workshops and services, with the cubic part of this great warehouse emerging like the chimney of a great boat. While the image of the boat is appropriate, even more so is the dry dock element, because that is precisely how it appears: a boat being repaired in dry dock. Repairing the works of the Louvre.

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