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We want to build the most beautiful stadium in the world in Zürich.


The building is situated on the outskirts of Zürich, with top-grade access facilities by train, bus and car. And if we rise above street level we discover the most marvellous views of the Alps. We propose to build platforms like a belvedere from which one can enjoy these Alpine vistas. Over these concrete volumes we set the light boxes to cover the pitches.
And so we can create a real BELVEDERE facing the  Alps, a large, smooth, reinforced concrete terraced podium featuring all the programme requirements.
Access to these platforms is via great staircases that remind us of the scenic designs of the Swiss architect Adolphe Appia. From the heights of these platforms we will enjoy the beautiful views of the Alps.


To cover the pitches we use the simplest of industrial structures made from steel trusses that we then cover with a double skin  of white translucid polycarbonate, so that viewed from the outside they look like great blocks of ice – rather an appropriate image for ice-hockey pitches.


Natural light inside these pitches will be spectacular. The translucid double skin of the walls and roofing will cast a very special light during the day, very controlled and very appropriate for these ice pitches.
Artificial light will be provided by means of a system of lights within this double skin that will function as a general diffuser, lighting up the  stadium as well as providing  the city with an illuminated image by night from the road.
These translucid double skin boxes  will function as installations just like real  “trombe walls”.


The ice-hockey pitch is situated on the ground floor at level +0.00.
The  volleyball pitch is situated at  level -3.30, and directly above is the multi-purpose pitch at level+12.15, with plenty of merchandise and service freight elevators. Between the two areas of playing fields extends a broad avenue to deal with traffic and emergency service access.
It is our desire, indeed we insist on not only creating the most beautiful stadium in the world,  but we also want it to function to perfection, like a Swiss watch.

Technical data

Architect: Alberto Campo Baeza. Location: Zürich, Switzerland. Client: Stadt Zürich, ZSC Lions, Volero Zürich. Competition: 2012. Area: 70.000sqm. Collaborators: Ignacio Aguirre López, Alejandro Cervilla García, Jesús Aparicio Alfaro, Agustín Gor, Sara Oneto, Jordi Moreno. Structure: ARP Ingenieure und Berater AG (Jordi Moreno). Engineering: BG Ingenieure und Berater AG (Ricardo Muñoz).