2019 Feb, 5 million page views

5 millones de páginas vistas

Alberto Campo Baeza has always said that he has been lucky enough to be surrounded by people who are better than he is, that he has had the good fortune to be always “standing on the shoulders of giants”, as Newton famously said.

And if you ask him about his website campobaeza.com, he always replies that it is thanks to his collaborators, the ones who have done such a terrific job with it. It was started and designed by Emilio Delgado, and then redone and passed on to FLASH by Peter Palender. In 2008, the site was redesigned by the best graphic designer in the world, Massimo Vignelli in New York. Then Alejandro Sevilla rewrote it in HTML5, and now María Pérez de Camino is looking after it.

Well, this website has now registered over 5 million visits to its pages. These are mind-boggling figures which are not that easy to assimilate. Not so long ago the Campo Baeza Studio was celebrating 3 million views on FLICKR. And in similar vein they celebrated over 500 references in the UPM Digital Archive.

Campo Baeza says that he is still surprised by the enormous outreach capacity of digital media. And that he can only express his gratitude, especially for the wonderful people around him.


Madrid, February 2019