2020 Jun, Five Houses

Libros Cinco Casas, Divisare
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A real gem, or better still, 5 little gems.

The prestigious Italian publishing house DIVISARE has published a series of little books, measuring 17.4 x 12.2 cm, on 5 emblematic houses by the architect Alberto Campo Baeza. These books are like little jewels.

The houses Turégano 1988, Gaspar 1992, De Blas 2000, Moliner 2008 and Casa del Infinito 2014 feature in these little books, perfectly bound in hardcover and presented in a box-container of the 5 copies. A real feast for the eyes.

There are 200 copies of each book, all numbered. They are not sold in bookstores and the only way to get them is to order them directly from the publisher.

Each book contains a brief text and sketches by Campo Baeza, as well as some basic plans and model images, and the iconic colour images of the houses.

Although copies of each house can be obtained separately, we strongly recommend getting a box with all 5 houses, as the collection is so attractive!

Price for each book, 10 euros.

Order from DIVISARE, Piazza Gentile da Fabriano 3 00196 ROMA, Italy.