2022 January 14, Lecture at Columbia University, NY

On Friday, 14 January 2022, the CBIPS Madrid Virtual Field Study concluded with a talk by Alberto Campo Baeza titled “About the Need for Beauty”.

The presentation included with concepts about the importance of beauty going back to the Vitruvian triad of firmitas, utilitas and venustas, often translated as firmness, commodity and delight. The underlying concepts about which Alberto Campo Baeza has eloquently written include, apart from beauty, light, time, memory, universality and wisdom. These themes inform each and every design element in the projects presented  nothing superfluous, nothing missing.

Campo Baeza poses the challenge “it is necessary to build with perfection” and the projects presented indicate how this can be done. In the presentation Campo Baeza notes that the best architecture has always been sustainable. The attention to the play of light in the projects shown testifies to one key element in the definition of sustainability. The Center for Buildings, Infrastructure and Public Space promotes interdisciplinary research on key issues pertaining to urban sustainability, resiliency, social impact, and healthy communities.

The presentation by Alberto Campo Baeza was an excellent fit in the Madrid Virtual Field Study week of exploration and discovery on these topics. A video recording of the talk by Alberto Campo Baeza can be found in the Library_Videos section of the CBIPS website.