2022 January, Campo Baeza’s drawings in the Rabasf collection, catalogued by projects

Croquis Casa Moliner

Last year we published the more than 4500 drawings that the architect and Academician Alberto Campo Baeza has donated to the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in digital format (as well as some of his notebooks in physical format). Until now these drawings could be viewed by notebooks, but from today they can also be consulted by projects, at the express wish of the architect. This facilitates the exploration of this formidable graphic documentation, which reflects Campo Baeza’s creative process in his many projects around the world, such as the Casa del Infinito in Cadiz, the Bennetton Nursery in Venice or the Olnick Spanu Museum in New York, to name just a few of his almost 140 projects.

The cataloguing by projects has been possible thanks to the enormous work of transcription of the texts by Esperanza Navarrete, carried out during last year’s confinement, and the subsequent computer management by Juan Víctor Mejías.

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