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“Architecture is the most beautiful job in the world”. With these words Alberto Campo Baeza presents his master class carried out at Magistri. In order for this message and all the content of his masterclass to reach the largest number of students, professionals and anyone interested in architecture, the Spanish National Architecture Award and the Andalusian startup Magistri have decided to join the commemorative events on the occasion of World Architecture Day, by offering the master class at a reduced price from September 29 to October 15, in a campaign coordinated with Official Colleges and Schools of Architecture in several Spanish-speaking countries.

During this period Magistri will offer a 60% discount to all Alberto Campo Baeza’s followers using the coupon MAGISTRICAMPOBAEZA.

Architecture is not just about constructing buildings. It is the art of making people who live in those buildings -or who visit them- to feel happy about it. On World Architecture Day we take the opportunity to remember that architecture is not just another art form. In Alberto’s words, “architects are like poets. Poets arrange words, architects do the same. If we are going to try to make the most beautiful buildings in the world, these buildings have to be orderly organised like the words in a poem”.

The 3 hours masterclass is structured in short pills for easy viewing from any device. In this class Alberto discusses timeless topics such as light or the notion of beauty, as well some more pragmatic ones, such as dealing with clients or the execution of projects. He also shares useful tips and ideas applicable to the design of any building. In short, he offers us his inspiring vision of architecture.

Sign up for Alberto Campo Baeza’s class from September 29th to October 15th at Magistri.tv website and get a 60% discount using the coupon MAGISTRICAMPOBAEZA.

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