2022 October, campo baeza gold badge at COAM Madrid

On Tuesday, October 4, the presentation of the gold insignia to the architects who have completed 50 years as members of the Official College of Architects of Madrid, COAM, took place at the COAM headquarters in Hortaleza Street. The event was an intimate one and among the honorees was Alberto Campo Baeza, who spoke words of thanks at such an intimate event, invited by Dean Sigfrido Herráez, who presided over the ceremony.



“He who does not move hearts, moves ischiums”, said my father, who reached his 104th birthday in Cadiz, as a surgeon very dear to all. I will be brief.
I have been given the gift of entrusting me to say a few words here today in such an intimate and moving event as this one. By natural law, all friends and in good health. Missing those who have already left us.
It is soon to be said: 50 years in the profession! The most beautiful profession in the world: We dream and build those dreams, we make them come true. And we manage with our buildings, we try, to achieve Beauty to make others happy.
More than once I have quoted Goya in a small drawing that we can see in the Prado Museum. Goya wrote there: “I still learn” with the number 54, his age. It represents an old man with white hair and beard, leaning on two canes. And we, older than Goya, are still learning, we are still learning, now we see things more clearly and we enjoy everything more, also Architecture.
To top it off, to celebrate these 50 years – 50 years! we are given this COAM gold badge that we will wear with gratitude and pride.



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