2023 MARCH, An academic book on the Rotonda House

A group of students from the School of Architecture at the Universitá degli Studi di Padova has edited an academic book on Alberto Campo Baeza’s Rotonda House.

The students Federica Gabbin, Pietro Lapo Moro, Jacopo Zaggia and Pietro Zamengo, as a course exercise for Professor Alessandro Dalla Caneva, with his teaching assistants Enrico Pietrogrande and Massimo Mucci, have studied one of the architect’s latest works: Casa Rotonda in Madrid.

The exercise consists of a rigorous analysis of this work, which they have summarised on a publication designed and printed with an extraordinary quality that has earned them the maximum qualification.

Alberto Campo Baeza would like to thank them for this courtesy and congratulate the students and their professors for their excellent work. Thank you very much.

The work of these students can be downloaded at this link

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