TRIAEDRUS lamp by Alberto Campo Baeza at Madrid Design Festival

On the occasion of the Madrid Design Festival, the presentation of the TRIAEDRUS lamp by Alberto Campo Baeza, produced by FERRAM, took place on 16 February 2023 at the Institución Libre de Enseñanza in Calle General Martínez Campos.

At the event Alberto Campo Baeza explained the design process of the lamp and had a conversation with the architects Tomás Carranza and Óscar del Río, design director of FERRAM.

A lamp is a spotlight that should be placed where, how, and how much I want it to be.

In my head, one day, a luminous white cloud will arrive that, with remote control, can be placed where and how I want it to be. And whose luminous intensity can also be controlled with that remote control. In the meantime, just mechanical solutions.

Triaedrus. Line. I imagine a bar with a very thin circular section in shiny stainless steel. Placed horizontally and containing a line of LEDs. To support it, a vertical bar rests on two bars joined at right angles, to rest on the table. All very simple and very logical.

Attached are images, sketches and models of the lamp; and the text Poética Ortogonal, by Tomás Carranza. An essay on the architectural principles of Alberto Campo Baeza and their expression in the design of this object.

TRIAEDRUS is available at this link

Poética Ortogonal by Tomás Carranza is available at this link

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