2015 SEP, 2.500.000 VISITS ON FLICKR

Flickr 2.5 millions

2.500.000 visits on FLICKR


Campo Baeza Architecture Studio celebrates 2.500.000 visits on FLICKR

Two and a half million visits are so many. They celebrated with two Moët & Chandon champagne bottles that not only sound very good when they are uncorked, but also have the taste of glory. When not long time ago they reached the million of visits and FLICKR gift them the pro account forever, they didn’t celebrate so much. But Alberto Campo Baeza says that the number 2.500.000 brings him luck. It’s like a lottery prize.

The stoy began when Peter Palender, a Swedish architect, went to work at the studio and suggested sign up on a FLICKR account. In two weeks they reached 10.000 visits. Now, after three years, 2.500.000 visits, and this way to communicate is a gift of this third millennium in which we live.