Book cover. The House of the Infinite.

An exceptional book dedicated to an exceptional house has just been published. The prestigious publishing house Oscar Riera Ojeda Publishers in Hong Kong has brought out a monograph on the House of the Infinite, the work of the Spanish architect Alberto Campo Baeza. The book, in English, with 200 DIN A4 pages in full color, is the first in the MASTERPIECE collection series.

Oscar Riera Ojeda had recently published an extensive monograph on the work of Campo Baeza, CAMPO BAEZA. COMPLETE WORKS, a co-publication with Thames & Hudson, London, the first edition of which was sold out in less than a year.

THE HOUSE OF THE INFINITE is devoted exclusively to Campo Baeza’s house of the same name and is the kind of publication any architect could wish for on every one of his most significant works.

The volume opens with a prologue by Marc Dubois, architect and professor at the Sint-Lucas School of Architecture in Ghent, Belgium, followed by a poem by the architect, Alejandro Cervilla, and an interesting text by the owner of the house, also an architect. The epilogue is by Campo Baeza.

The first part, with numerous sketches of the house, is complemented by a considerable collection of the plans of the construction project and many graphic models. It includes images of the work under construction and finally a series of very brilliant photographs of the constructed work, by the photographer and architect, Javier Callejas.

The book is available in all bookstores specializing in Architecture and from the distributor Formatos.