Cover Book Laconico Sota

A new book on Alejandro de la Sota has been published in Italian. This would not be news were it not an exceptional book, small and accurate, like the maestro. Written by Alberto Campo Baeza and edited by the famed Italian publisher Lettera Ventidue.

Alberto Campo Baeza is architect and Professor of Projects and Academic of RABASF. He was a pupil of Sota during the short time when the maestro taught at the Escuela de Madrid, and there, says Campo Baeza, it all began.

Lettera Ventidue is one of the most prestigious Italian publishing houses specialising in architecture today. Back in 2012 it published L’Idea Costruita, the first collection of texts by Campo Baeza translated into Italian. And now it is also bringing out an edition of the Spanish architect’s Principia Architectonica.

The book on Sota, with the expressive title of Laconic Sota, belongs to a beautiful collection on Palladio, Pikionis, Pouillon and Rossi written by professors such as Antonio Monestiroli, Alberto Ferlenga and Giulio Barazzetta.

The book is dedicated to Sara Rius, Alejandro de la Sota’s wife, a wonderful woman, who was pleasantly surprised by this thoughtful touch.

This is a small book that is deserving of attention.